Fisher-Price Little Bears Music Gym

Fisher-Price Little Bears Music Gym.

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This music gym is the perfect place to let your little one play on his stomach, up or down.

The soft and comfortable mat has very sweet decorations and a colored arch with five suspended toys, to be touched, jingled and nibbled.

And with the removable music cloud, with two short or long-activated music modes, you can take the fun wherever you go with your child.

Where development comes into play

- Sensory skills: A variety of colors, surfaces to explore and sounds stimulate and entertain the developing senses of the child.

Basic motor skills: When the little ones are lying under the arch, they can stretch to reach and touch the toys.

The neck muscles and the main muscles are strengthened during the game lying on the tummy.

Complex motor skills: Grasping suspended toys and bringing them closer to the mouth promotes manual-visual coordination and manual dexterity.

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